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Monday, 3 December 2018

KUANTAN - In loving memory of my Mother

In loving memory of my MOTHER
Pahang, Kuantan where my mother was born
After my mom pass on, I decided to visit her birth place and pay my respect. I have read that when a person passes on to the other world they would take a year to go through their whole life viewing every stage of their life. It has been said that it is a process like watching a movie in a cinema.

I therefore got on to travel and discussed it with my girlfriend who lives there. So I started my journey to my mommy’s birth land. KUANTAN.

I took a bus in the morning from The plaza and left for Kuantan. 

At the Woodlands check Point it was crowded but with a Singapore Passport there was a line or queue that was fast and so I manage to get my passport thru and got onto the bus to cross over the other side.

Reached the other side and I was blushing red as I saw the crowd snaking aimlessly towards the counter. A seriously confused queue which in the end had three (3) different line of queues for one (1) counter. 

Singaporeans were said to be experts in queuing I manage to get through, AS I came to the bus platform I saw a French family. They told me our bus went off without us. So we tried to get another bus but we were told to go to Larkin bus station. It was already lunch time.

AND so here I led the French Legend to the taxi stand at Johor Central and we went to Larkin bus station. Some how I got a sim card for only RM$18 to call and inform my girlfriend that I would be late. We also had a bus ticket for just RM$36. The French Legion were going to Muar but they were to be on the same bus as the Kuantan bus

I had paid SGD$50 and the bus we were in the morning did not even have the courtesy to wait for us. BUT having said that, we had to wait for the bus in Larkin till 6pm. So we waited at a place having lunch and grateful with the sim card I called to inform my girlfriend that I will be very very late and will reach there at midnight

It was a long long journey. I reached Kuantan bus terminal at midnight and took that pic above. I was driven through the nights in Kuantan and woke up in the morning with my friend doggie!!!

We decided to go to the market called Pasar Besar. It was said to be a huge market with cheap good tasty food. Sounds gooooooooood!!!! 

As we drove I took some pictures. And we reached our destination.

My Mommy would love this

There was ICE KACHANG, CHENDOL from a truck, Cafe, even Magicco ice cream………….

 They say at this old market they have tasty nice cheap food

I was thinking if I were to stay in Kuantan I should get this kind of car hahahahaha

I can dream cant I?

At a telco shop next the market.

And after this we went back home as it was getting late...
The next day we woke up and went to the center of the city where the banks and stuffs were located. It is also interesting to know that the Mosque and the Stadium (Darul Makmur) was there too.  Not forgetting Chinatown. Here are some pictures and videos of Kuantan.

the Mosque which is also very close to the stadium.

As we went driving around the Mosque which is also very close to the stadium.

As we drive along there were banks and store and coffee shops and shopping centers.

Naturally Kuantan has banks as well though its known to be a sleeping town.

There are cafes, boutiques (very different from our or from KL or Johor) Not those trendy boutiques shops but good stuffs.

There were also shopping centers like the one above....

This is a Hindu temple which is the GOD Vinayagar. Its called Kuantan Vinayagar temple at Bukit Ubi 

We decided to go to the Hindu temple in the night.


Pahang, Kuantan has temples, mosques and in a road from the stadium and mosque there was a stretch of churches along the way
As I entered the temple I felt some one tugging my shirt and tapping on my shoulders. I turn around and found no one there. I walked on again and felt it again. but there was no one around me. As I entered the temple I did not feel that tapping and tugging anymore.
 And so I prayed for my mom and wish her peace on the other side.

I will come back here to pray for my mom in the future. As it was and is her favorite GOD.

The next day we planned to go get the satay.

SATAY ZUL !!!!!!!
Here we come

 This is the take away counter

I took a picture where they grill the satay just outside the restaurant I took a picture where they grill the satay just outside the restaurant 
This was how they grilled the satay live video!!!!

Tomorrow we are going to the BEACH !!!!!!!!There is a whole lot of pictures of the beach including some videos. Not forgetting monkeys having a picnic............ENJOY!!!!

 I was thinking of swimming........
Met a family of monkeys having a picnic

And there was live band at the beach. Watch the vidz....

 And than after a wonderful evening at the beach with food, music and monkeys it was time to head back to the stressful life in Singapore.

To my mom.............I will always remember and love you .......... 

 with love your SON